Installation and Repair of Solid Doors, Impact Doors, Hurricane Impact Windows and Fiberglass Doors in Miami

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Mr. Door Man, Inc., is the best door company in the Miami area. We have over 33 years of experience in the field, And no one can come close to our expertise or customer service. Call us today!
We manufacture high quality raised panel and mission style, stile-and-rail wood doors in seventeen different species of wood with hundreds of different design options. Rustic wood doors and character grade doors in alder, pine, hickory, and maple are also available. We can design and manufacture doors to your custom specifications.

To complement your wood doors, we can provide additional wood products. Currently, we offer solid wood trim and mouldings in various profiles and surfaced square edged boards for your mission style/arts and crafts decor.

All door components are carefully chosen according to their use, the tone of the wood is matched to attain a uniform result. Our doors are assembled with a cope and rail system; we use 16-mm dowels and glue to put the door together.

We are specialists in producing and marketing wooden doors that consistently comply with our customer’s demands. With dedicated personnel and adequate technology we seek continuous improvement. Our products are developed to fit our customer demands

Services Include:

Door Repair • Exterior Doors Install • Interior Door Install • Hurricane Impact Windows Install • Sliding Door or Tracks Repair • Door Hardware Repair

If you are looking for high-quality, interior solid wood doors and exterior solid wood doors at reasonable prices, you have come to the right place.

Compare our solid wood door prices and you will see how buying directly from us will result in great savings. We start with prime quality lumber and take it through the entire manufacturing process on an order basis to produce quality interior wood doors and exterior wood doors. Our salespeople and support staff are located right at our manufacturing plant. When you buy your wooden doors directly from us, you have access to technical support from the people who design and make the doors.


Windows and patio doors

The placement of windows and patio doors on certain walls can determine the kind of natural light that enters into your home, or even the temperature inside your home. South-and east-facing windows bring in bright, golden light. North-facing windows usher in cooler, muted light. And west-facing windows let in abundant direct sunlight, as well as the beauty of sunsets. Consider that windows on south-, southwest-, southeast-or west-facing walls may be more susceptible to heat gain.


Exterior doors

For exterior doors. It’s imperative to consider exposure if you select a wood door. To adequately protect the door and extend its life, you’ll have to take into account your climate and the direction the door will be facing. Then you must determine the amount of overhang needed to protect the door from the elements, which can be obtained by following a simple formula: Y=1/2X (in most cases). For example, if the measurement from the base of your door to the bottom of your overhang is ten feet, then the overhang should be a minimum of five feet deep.


Building codes

Building codes are published ordinances that will regulate many aspects of your project, such as design loads, opening widths and material selection. MR. DOORMAN windows and doors are designed and tested with these local building codes in mind. Many of our products even meet the toughest standards for hurricane prone regions in the United States, including Miami Dade and Broward counties in Florida, as well as Texas and North Carolina.